YouTube Vanced Apk is a rejigged version of YouTube that block all ads and allows background play, video download, theme customization, and many other features. YouTube is the world’s biggest entertainment platform. There are millions of videos in thousands of different categories. Billions of people head to this platform for entertainment. Moreover, there are millions of videos in hundreds of other categories. YouTube is an unending ocean of video content. Users post hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube each day. Though YouTube has a huge amount of video content and billions of users. Still, this platform does have some limitations.

YouTube Vanced Apk

YouTube’s official app does not allow its users to download videos. There is a plethora of ads on official YouTube. Hence to overcome these limitations, different mod versions of YouTube have been introduced. YouTube Vanced is one of those rejigged versions. This overcomes all the limitations and offers plenty of additional features.

Switch to Vanced and enjoy a plethora of awesome features. Get rid of all the commercial ads on YouTube videos. Block all sponsored ads. Download unlimited YouTube videos. You can download different videos in the video quality of your choice. Get back dislike button which disappeared from YouTube in recent updates. Play your favorite video in the background or as an mp3. Try themes in different colors for the various interfaces. Does not require you to root your device. Enjoy PiP mode to watch videos in pop-up windows. You can zoom in on videos by pinching in. Watch videos of different video qualities. This app supports up to 4K video quality.

App Info 

App Name Youtube Vanced
Version 17.03.38
App Type XApk
App Size 80 MB
Update Just Now

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What is YouTube Vanced Apk?

YouTube Vanced is a rejigged app for YouTube users. This app enables YouTube users to download videos. Vanced comes with a built-in ad blocker that limits the type of featured ads. You can switch different themes to experience a varied interface. Watch videos on the large screen of your smart TV. PiP mode allows you to free your mobile screen for performing other tasks while watching your favorite videos in a small window. Enjoy high-quality video streaming & downloading with YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube is the world’s largest platform for video content comprising millions of videos in it. This world’s largest video content platform does have a few limitations. We have developed the Vanced app for YouTube that overcomes those limitations. YouTube Vanced comes with all the core features of YouTube and many other additional features.

YouTube Vanced Apk

All the Core Features of YouTube

This rejigged app for YouTube brings all the core features of YouTube. You can enjoy unlimited videos. Login to this app with your Gmail to get all the YouTube services here. Once you log in to this app, you can enjoy all services here. Get all your subscribed channels. Get your own YouTube channels here. Upload videos to your channels. Get all the videos of your subscribed channels. Get comments & notifications of your channels and subscription.

Get Rid of All types of Ads

YouTube features plenty of different types of ads. There are skippable& non-skippable in-stream ads. In-feed, bumper, out-stream, and masthead ads are also there on YouTube. Do you wanna get rid of all these ads? Then switch to YouTube Vanced. This app comes with a built-in ad blocker. Hence you won’t be facing any kind of ads while watching videos. The built-in ad blocker keeps all the ads at the far end. So enjoy non-stop video-watching joy without interruption by annoying ads.

Download Videos

You can only watch videos on YouTube but cannot download videos. Hence, one has to keep an additional video downloader app for downloading YouTube videos. But when you have YouTube Vanced app, you don’t need any video downloader. This Vanced version app allows you to download unlimited videos. This app does not restrict you to single video quality. Rather you can download videos in different video resolutions. Get low videos from 144p to 1080p HD videos. You can also get HD quality 4K videos. The highly powerful servers & processors ensure high-speed downloads. You can download multiple videos at once. This app downloads videos a lot faster than many video downloader apps.

High Video Quality

You can enjoy non-stop video joy in very high video quality. This app lets you watch different videos in your desired video quality. You can stream & download videos in high video resolution. If you have a small data plan or a weak internet connection then you can switch to low video quality. If you wanna enjoy videos in high quality then you can also watch videos in HD resolution. Video quality offered in this app ranges from 144p to 1080p and 4K videos.

YouTube Vanced Apk

No Root Required

There are thousands of Android apps. Most Android apps are only supported on rooted devices. But with this app, you don’t need to root your device. You can use this app on a rooted or Non-rooted device. But this app performs faster on rooted devices. So I’ll recommend rooting your device. Still can use this app with all its features on a non-rooted device.

Minimize the App to Play Videos in the Background

In the original app, you have to stay within the app interface to watch videos. But in YouTube Vanced Apk, you can watch videos in the background. Just minimize the app to keep playing videos in the background.

Play Videos as MP3

You always need a video-to-MP3 converter app to play videos as MP3. Many external video players like MX Player, Playit, etc can play video as MP3. But you cannot enjoy videos as MP3 in the original app of YouTube. The Vanced app allows you to enjoy YouTube videos directly as MP3. You don’t need a video converter or external video player when you have YouTube Vanced app.

Video to MP3 Converter

Usually, you need a video downloader app to download videos from YouTube. Then if you have to convert it into MP3, you need a video-to-MP3 converter app. But with YouTube Vanced, you can directly play or download YouTube videos as MP3. You can also go with different quality for your MP3 downloads.

Variety of Themes

You always have to go with the traditional theme in the original YouTube app or official website. But here you can try different themes. But here you can try different themes. Apply black & dark color themes to use at night. Switch to the White theme to use the app in the daytime. You can also customize different available themes.

Customizable Interface

You cannot change or customize the interface of YouTube in the official app. But in the Vanced app, you can fully customize the app interface. Try different themes and interface colors. You can also customize the interface icon, pattern, and setting.YouTube Vanced Apk

PiP Mode

PiP means Picture in Picture. This is an amazing feature introduced for most PC, laptops, and Android devices. This feature allows the user to play a video or anything else in a small window. This frees up the rest of your device screen. You can watch any video in PiP mode in a small window. It will let you minimize your app while watching your video in the PiP window. This allows you to minimize this app and use other apps while enjoying your favorite videos in PiP mode.

Customize Video Speed

Wanna experience video watching at desired video speed? This app allows you to do that. You can fully customize your video speed. Enjoy the video in slow motion or play videos at rapid speed. You can customize your video speed between 0.25x to 3x.


As an Android version app, it shows complete compatibility. Every mobile, laptop, PC, or all other device user loves to use YouTube. But the Vanced app is only for Android devices. This app can be used on low & high version Android mobiles. You can use it on tablets and Android devices of different versions. One can also use this app on Android TV and Firestick. This complete compatibility allows all types of Android users to use this app.

Watch YouTube Videos on a Large TV Screen

People love to watch YouTube videos on a large screen. YouTube supports different Android TVs and Firesticks. If you wanna enjoy your Vanced app on a large screen, this app allows doing so. The chroma cast feature of YouTube Vanced Apk allows users to enjoy videos on a large screen. This app is compatible with Firestick & all models of Android TVs. You can enjoy non-stop video entertainment on the large screen of your Firestick & android TV. Free to Download & Use 

YouTube Vanced Apk is 100% free to download from this website. You can get this latest version & 100% working app for free. All the core features and premium services offered in this app are also free to use.

Download And Installation

This version of YouTube is not offered by Google Play Store. Hence you have to head to other platforms. We are offering the best, latest, 100% secure & 100% working version of YouTube Vanced. This web page offers a simple & straightforward download procedure. Tap on the “download” button icon given on the homepage. You can also head to the download page to grab the apk file of this app. Kickstart the easy & fast download with a gentle tap on the download button. The Apk file is small in size and will consume very less space. Moreover, it takes just a minute to download. After downloading the Apk file, proceed to the traditional easy installation process.

Go with the following steps to install the app on your android mobile or tablet.

  • Go to the main setting menu of your tablet or android mobile.
  • Search or locate the “Security” tab and open it.
  • Look for the permission toggle for “Unknown sources”.
  • Now go to your device’s ‘file manager’ or ‘download manager’.
  • Open the Apk file and complete your setup of the app on your mobile.
  • Now you can enjoy non-stop entertainment with millions of YouTube videos.

YouTube Vanced Apk


How to update YouTube Vanced?
You can update your Vanced app from this page. We have the latest & 100% working version of this app.
Why YouTube Vanced is showing ads?
You might have an outdated version, or your app does not provide a Vanced feature. Uninstall the previous one and download this latest & 100% working app for YouTube Vanced.
What is YouTube Vanced app?
This app is an advanced version of YouTube. It offers amazing services that are missing in the official app of YouTube. You can download videos, get all ads blocked, and try plenty of themes. In addition to it, there are plenty of other services and features.
Is YouTube Vanced legal?
Yes, this app is 100% working and legal to use.                                                                                                                                                           
Does YouTube Vanced app work?
Yes, it definitely works. We have the 100% working app file on this web page. You can download this app with ease. If still it does not work for you then you must try a VPN to use YouTube Vanced.


YouTube Vanced Apk is the best video entertainment platform with millions of videos. You can enjoy all the core features of YouTube & its millions of videos here. Get rid of all ads. This app blocks all types of ads from all categories of videos. You can enjoy a completely ad-free video-watching joy. On the official app of YouTube, you cannot download any video. But the YouTube Vanced app allows its users to download videos.

Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads in high-quality. Download videos in the background or in PiP mode. Convert & download videos as MP3. Try a variety of themes in different colors. Try different interface customizations. Adjust your video speed & brightness.

Easy control to pause/resume and forward/reverse your videos. Chroma Cast feature & compatibility with Android TV & Firestick. Enjoy videos on a large screen. Compatibility with all types of Android devices. Supports rooted & non-rooted devices. Get the app now and enjoy a completely unique experience on YouTube Vanced.